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The cable car

In the old days, Gialos (the old port) was connected to Fira only by the so called "Karavolades" stairs. The cable car, built upon funding by ship owner E. Nomikos in 1982, solved the problem of transportation. Shipowner Evangelos Petrou Nomikos, with Messaria and Fira origin, funded the construction of the cable car which started operating in 1982.
The benefactor spent 144.000.000 greek drachmas. The purpose of the project was to be for public benefit and all the revenue generated would go to the communities of the island*. In the prresent day the revenue generated go to the Municipality of Thira, and is also financially supporting the mule drivers. The cable car can carry up to 1,200 passengers per hour.


  • The trip to Fira, built at an altitude of 220 m. from sea level, lasts only 3'.
  • Tel. +30 22860 22977 & 22978

*Data are from the text of economist Eleftherios Gyzis, in the book "Santorini: Thera, Therassia, Aspronisi, Volcanoes, of Ioannis M. Danezis/2001, Editor in chief Emm. A. Lignos.

Φηρά οικισμός - Τελεφερίκ
Φηρά οικισμός - Τελεφερίκ

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