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The area where the Orthodox Cathedral of Hypapante Sotira (the Reception of Christ) is located, is always filled with people, especially during sunset. The initial temple was built by Theran merchant M. Blelonias, who brought a Byzantine icon which, according to tradition, originated in Aghia Sophia of Constantinople. The small private temple had been demolished in 1901. A bigger one took its place, but it sustained great damage during the 1956 earthquake so it had to be demolished too. The present church, designed by George Nomikos, had been built in its place between 1963-1968.
Opposite the Cathedral is a very popular spot of Fira called boudi (low wall), where visitors stop to admire the view and take photos. Walking on the left (as you face the volcano) you will discover Kato (Lower) Fira, a beautiful, quiet neighbourhood built around the churches of Aghios Ioannis (St John, Farm of the monastery of St John in Patmos) and Aghios (St) Minas.
From the Cathedral you will walk to the right on Ipapantis street which is also called Gold Street, taking its name after the goldsmith's stores. Further down this street is the busier and more vibrant area of the capital, filled with all sorts of shops, cafes, bars, restaurants etc. You will reach the area where the Archeological museum and the cable car are located: Here is another popular spot to admire the sunset and take photos of the impressive settlement and the volcano.
From then on, always on foot, you will pass by Petros Nomikos Conference Centre and get to Firostefani.
In the area of Fragomahalas, in the north side of Fira, you will admire the imposing houses of the old Catholic families, where grand musical evenings were organized in the 19th century, the Cultural Center Megaro Gyzi, the Catholic Cathedral, the Lazarist monastery, and the monastery of Dominican Nuns and Sisters of Mercy, built in 1841. The later two as well as the monastery of Dominican nuns have not been operational since the 1956 earthquake.
The impressive neoclassic building that houses Petros Nomikos Conference Centre is located in Nomikos street. Distinguished on top is the restored Goulas of Fira, property of Petros M. Nomikos


At the entrance of Fira (towards Imerovigli) you will see Manaviki, the vegetable and fish open air market.

Φηρά οικισμός - Περιήγηση
Φηρά οικισμός - Περιήγηση

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