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This beautiful village is located 9.5 km away from Fira, SW of Pyrgos. It follows the type of excavated settlements and was developed along the bottom of a valley sprawling over its "branches".

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As Dr Dora Monioudi-Gavala * points out, references to Megalohori are found in written sources in the mid- 17th century. It is present in Olivier's depiction of Santorini in 1801.
Both entrances lead from the main road to the center of the village with the main square of "Potamos" where the churches of the Presentation of Virgin Mary and Aghioi (St.) Anargiroi dominate. It is also worth noticing the elaborate steeples of Zoodochos Pigi and of other churches.
The soil in the area has always been fertile; so, there were many vineyards, and its residents had made money of winemaking. There are still some kánaves (old wineries) left from the time when wine production was quite significant, with exports to Russia.
Residents love virgin beaches located near Megalohori on the south side of the island called Kamara, Vigles, Almyra, Katavati, Chana. After swimming they used to feast and revel with violins and lutes till late at night under the "trafs" (very tall walls created by water and wind reminiscent of lunar landscape). The excursion is still organized in the traditional way, with donkeys leading visitors to these isolated beaches. In Aghios (St.) Efstathios, at the start of the road leading to Thermi beach with the thermal springs, you will enjoy a great sunset.


  • In Megalohori there are hotels and restaurants.
  • You can visit Gavalas winery, located in the center of the village. In Seladia area, near Megalohori, is Boutaris winery.
  • Every year, in Easter, revives the custom of Lazarous.
  • On the holiday of Aghioi (St.) Anargiroi, July 31st, a manifestation takes place in the square, including theatrical events, local dances and music.
  • In the centre square representation of Kleidonas also takes place on June 23st. "Afoterides" are lit and people pass over the fire.
  • Near Megalohori there are the beaches of Thermi and Plaka with thermal springs from the "vains" of the volcano's hot water. They are accessible via water or path.
  • The Cultural Association of the village is called "To Metochi" (tel. +30 22860 83324).

* Extract from the book "Santorini: Society and Shelter, 15th-20th century", by Dr Dora Monioudi-Gavala/A publication of Lukas and Evangelos Bellonias Foundation.

Μεγαλοχώρι οικισμός
Μεγαλοχώρι οικισμός

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