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Exo Gonia

The name means Outer Corner. In old maps it is also indicated as Apano Gonia (Upper Corner). It is 8 km away from Fira, near Pyrgos and Episkopi Gonia. It is built on a hillside and has some old houses and beautiful churches. Enjoy the spectacular view from Aghios (St) Charalambos.

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According to theologist Mathew Mendrinos *, the monastery of Aghios Charalambos was founded around 1705. Several documents attest to its operation, as apparent in the Register of the Old Bishopric of Thera of 1754. The monastery's property was considerable. It played a substantial role in ensuring the continuity of Greek education on Santorini and contributed to the 1821 war of Independence. The monastery was dissolved in 1833 during the reign of King Otto. The dilapidated monastic complex was demolished in 1893 and the present parish church was built on the site in 1941. It is the only one with a tiled roof in contrast to the other churches on the island, except the byzantine church of Panagia Episkopi in Episkopi Gonia, which has old, large, square tiles.


  • You can ask the locals to show you the church of Aghios Georgios in the Gorge.
  • In the village there is also Thera's Poor House, which has considerable social contribution.

* Εxtract from the book "Santorini: Thera, Therassia, Aspronisi, Volcanoes", by Ioannis Danezis/2001, Editor Emm. A. Lignos.

Εξω γωνιά οικισμός
Εξω γωνιά οικισμός



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